16 Strategic Steps To Success

Integrated Strategic Planning


The logo represents “a deep understanding that our hands are powerful symbols of giving and letting go., we receive but the ultimate goal is to let it go as soon as it is received (no burdens or heaviness. 

  • The lotus represents engagement in life with equanimity, “mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation, accepting both good, bad or indifferent times”.
  • Even as we stay above the “bog” of life’s challenges, when we can balance this, we experience being good as gold.
  • The black background… represents resilience where we shine through the challenges and shine through like pure gold which balances out our thought’s, words, deed and actions…
  • The # 4 is a reminder that we have these unique qualities that are inherent. Peace, Love, Happiness and Bliss. There are many more but these 4 are the main ones. Once we experience the first 3 qualities we will become the 4th one and that is blissful. That is the ultimate goal to live a life as close to contentment as possible. These virtues are the qualities that will get us through all the challenges in life.

What We Do

Industrial Organization Psychology
1-16 Strategic Steps to Success Using Virtues
Executive Coaching using Strategic Planning

*Regard 4 Virtues is equipped to meet all your needs, providing group integrated strategic planning, via Zoom, video, web conferencing and other web based programs*

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