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Ubuntu Circle-GHANA

Nungua, Accra, Ghana

Here we will have silent space. Eat healthy plant based foods, have Ubuntu conversations on how can I be an individual with unique qualities but yet coexist harmoniously with others…

Why create these spaces?

Regard 4 Virtues has created sacred spaces that can serve anyone no matter where they are in the world including virtually. 

However we always had this vision to create physical spaces where one can go and spend some time in a place that is for you and about you, so not trips that are pre scheduled but to have a personalized experience.

We decided to travel to Africa and found a partner that has been organizing events for years in Ghana and Egypt. We decided to create a new vision and               ASLP-GHANA Akwaaba Spiritual Liberation Pilgrimage – Ghana was born

The aim and objective is to accommodate personal or group retreats, life coaching, seminars, workshops and training’s in a calm and peaceful space. 

Over the years we have conducted global training’s in all those settings also for educational institutions virtually as it relates to personal management, coping etc.

We have decided to focus on Ghana and Egypt as there are experts on the ground who have been mastering the space as it relates to being knowledgeable about the best places to convene, visit, interact, experience eco farming, engage in social responsibility through volunteerism etc..

Enjoy the Peace of the Ocean and Location

Healing Retreats with our partners to remote islands

About Cicely G

Cicely has been studying Raj Yoga for the past 10 years as a Spiritual practice, during this time she has become a TV producer and host for the award winning TV show called Give and Take the Virtues in LIfe. She has her Masters in Psychology and a Bachelors in Early Childhood Development and continues to study for personal development.

She has Intensive experience as a Manager, Supervisor and a Director in the profit and nonprofit sectors; she made a career change into the field of education and.started off by teaching parents the importance of them being their child’s first teacher by conducting workshops and individual training both in the community and their homes.

Her journey has led her to begin to live a very holistic life, that includes a plant based diet and so it encouraged a more natural way of healing and treating. In the quest for the continuous well being of the whole self, she came across the ancient art of Reiki and decided this would be something that would be of use to self and others, so at present she is a certified Reiki Master.

Life, Business and Educational coaching is what she provides when requested but her focus right now is traveling the Globe working on international projects: professional, personal development, workshops and retreats to touch souls in any way that she can support them, in their quest to get to their destination based on their personal journey.

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Join us as we begin to develop this land for Organic farming and living
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What You can Enjoy

Canoe ride to an Island on the Volta river

Visit to Kakum National Park

School/Organization visits

Video Gallery

Accommodations with one of our partners in Central Accra, Eastern Region, Ghana, affordable rates!


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Meeting with the ASLP-Ghana and the Enlightened Ones Pilgrmage Tours team

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