Business Integrated Strategic Planning

Online one day seminars and multi day retreats can be arranged to release unwind and connect with self and others.

"The beginning of a wonderful business relationship"

Q.Are you struggling to stay focused on your new creation or idea, or move your existing business to the next level and not meeting required mandates?

  1. Implementing  Emotional Intelligence (EI)  is the answer to staying focused and on task for creating a new business or sustaining an existing or dismantling dysfunction in any form. We can help you to succeed in all of these areas by providing capacity building and to maximize the potential of the organization, community or business unit, we support you in your vision for continuing success.

    We can do this by doing one to one coaching and group, either in office or virtually through webinars platforms such as Zoom, Skype etc. We are here to serve. “A leader is one who creates leaders and not “subjects”, it makes for a healthy and vibrant cooperative environment”. cicely g

    Workshops on any situational topic in areas that might need enhancing or that might be challenging in the workplace such as Human Resources mandates: Integrity, Ethics, Interviewing, Inclusivity etc, using Constructive feedback to provide Harmony in the workplace.

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