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Are you looking for a new career or a new skill reach out to us at R4V..

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If you would like to Know more about how to become a R4V Coordinator/ Trainer. Attend one of our orientation Webinars

Q. Are you looking for a new career or new skills. We are looking for people with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Do you have these Qualities: Time management, Honesty, Empathy, Good listener, Smile, Balance attainment, Calmness,  Willingness, Cooperation, Unity, Reflection, Silence, Respect for Life. Then we are looking for you…

  • OVERVIEW Learn about soft skills/power  and how to utilize them in an effective way. It is a combination of people skills, social and communication skills  integrating silence. Each topic flows right into the next one for practice and understanding
  • OUTCOMES Every class starts with  silent time, followed by the guidance to use 16 Strategic Steps to Success for living a virtuous life. Once completed, the fully trained coordinators will be able to conduct their own workshop.                                                                                                                                                                        
  • You will be certified to conduct the trainings and workshops

Learn about our S.M.S. (Foundational Strategies) and how you can use it in your trainings’.

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