Educational Integrated Strategic Planning

Cicely G presenting the workshop "Renewal"


Are you struggling to manage the classroom or distance learning, constantly feeling stressed about dealing with the different personalities. Wondering how to cope during these rapidly ever changing times The answer lies below

Regard 4 Virtues has a supportive growing and vibrant tool for assisting schools including early childhood centers, colleges and universities by providing classes,  lectures, workshops, training and seminars to enhance teaching by using research based and alternative methods to support effective change. Teacher training is offered  in the area of self care. Also providing parent training that is supportive to the school and home teaching environment, using strategic methods to serve individually and collectively. Using trilateral integrated ways to teach, ensuring that what is happening in the school is also happening at home.

Is there a universal concern in your institution or at home, experiencing sadness, unhappiness and workplace burnout?

Topics are created based on the need as it relates to coping and interacting using soft power skills techniques in group sessions and or individual strategic coaching to support and effective supportive change.

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*Regard 4 Virtues is equipped to meet all your needs, providing group integrated strategic planning, via Zoom, video, web conferencing and other web based programs*

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