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16 Strategic Steps To Success

The 16 strategic steps are a great tool for supporting your personal growth and career challenges or decisions. We play different roles in life which can be challenging sometimes and we are not taught how to manage our emotions and how to interact with others. This course teaches you how to balance life, family, relationships and careers and then be able to share it with others.



Expert Instructor

Cicely G has a wealth of information to share, she has two degrees, one in Psychology and one in Early Childhood Development and is currently working on her Phd in Metaphysics.

Quality Content

What is unique about this course is that not only do you learn but you can have the opportunity to then earn while you continue to grow and learn once you have completed the coordinators course and are certified to deliver the content.

Lifetime Access

After full completion and certification after practice you will have lifetime access to the content with weekly group sessions and one to one sessions upon request.

About the company

Regard 4 Virtues provides Integrated Strategic techniques through one to one coaching, Industrial organizational, workshops, webinars, onboarding etc. Our strategies are unique We support you on your journey to success . 

Also as an entrepreneur it can sometimes be challenging to manage the business and manage the self. Research shows that if you are not properly organized and do not have the business acumen, then what you thought might be a winning streak can turn out unfavourable for us to be successful. . 

You will have lifetime access to the 16 strategic step to Success course which is a “win, win”, we provide weekly group support sessions and also one to one support if requested.  You can also LEARN while you EARN.

About the Creator

Cicely is a Metaphysician, which is the philosophy of knowing and doing. She is a TV producer and host for the award winning TV show called Give and Take the Virtues in LIfe. She has her Masters in Psychology. She has been a Manager, Supervisor and a Director in the profit and nonprofit sectors; She holds two degrees one in Early Childhood Development and one in Psychology and is currently working on her Phd in Metaphysical Sciences. She has a business called Regard 4 Virtues that focuses on the development of Self which translates into Strategic coaching in Personal, Business, Organizational and Educational Development and incorporates Metaphysics . Her natural instinctive, rational and peaceful characteristics enable her to make things happen exponentially using her strategic integrated skills. Her life integrates only the goodness that life has to offer and shares the essence with others. She works on both national and international projects.

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