Personal Strategic Coaching

Development always starts with the self…..

Personal Strategic Coaching

Q. Are you stuck in a making your next decision for a new career, promotion or business are you in a meaningless relationship, friendship or business partnership is this all affecting your health and your vision, not knowing which path to take next?. Are you ready for a complete transformational journey?

A. Strategic coaching is a relationship between coach and client where the life coach gives back the “reins” to the client, so there is no further dependency. The answers are within in each one of us, there just needs to be the facilitation to re-frame ones’ mindsets and behaviors and this allows one to gain the soft skills to deal with all situations and manage daily life.

Mindfulness Meditation

Q. Are you having problems staying focused, present and centered?

A. Mindfulness Meditation is the practice and art of being fully conscious and aware of one’s surrounding, being present and interacting in a rational and stable way . It is self care and protects you from the constant clutter of the outer world. It teaches methods such as how to become the silent observer and take everything in as a “protected” observer. It can include journaling and conversations to get to the root of the underlying cause of the feeling of being disconnected.

Distant Reiki

Q. Do you have a recurring thought that stresses you and turns into pain in an area that will just not move.

A. Reiki works on different levels the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, bringing it all in alignment. It originated as a Japanese method for healing and uses energy to balance the spirit, mind and body. It is a “Give and Take”technique that benefits both the the client and the practitioner.

Mindfulness Parenting

Q. Are you constantly in a conundrum in a parenting situation, do you feel like your child is not connecting with you in the way they should?

A. Mindfulness Parenting Skills is a great method to making  firm decisions, so that you do not have to get stressed or give any stress to your child, this just make things worst for all involved. At Regard 4 Virtues we provide you with a  Plan to help relieve that stress, we like to call it the “silent observer” in that silence it gives you an opportunity to look at the bigger picture, so you are able to give a rational “response” in all situations. We help you stay out of the “anger zone” and to avoid using threats at all costs or bribes. Please fill out the form for more information.  

*Regard 4 Virtues is equipped to meet all your needs including providing individual and group strategic coaching, mindfulness meditation and reiki via video, in office, web conferencing and  social media networks*

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