Parham Delijani

“My name is Parham Delijani and I have been a client of Cicely G’s for the last couple of months, she has transformed my business into one that has presence with this beautiful website, which she assisted me in creating in finding the best website developer to create it in a way that meets the needs of my niche which is acupuncture. Here is the website She pays attention to detail, keeps you on task and supports you entirely through the process. Thank you Cicely G”

Jessica D’Arcy of Wellness through Wisdom

We are collaborating to bring Mindfulness Meditation Mondays and other programs and services to Poughkeepsie. Please join us, go to the classes section for more information,,.


“Cicely Greaves is a wonderful meditation teacher and healer. Her energy is of a pure, high vibration. You will find that she is able to guide you to find your own inner truth with her powerful words and gentle presence”. Jessica D’Arcy

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Wellness though Wisdom

Pawling Library lecture

I did a wonderful lecture/seminar titled RENEWAL at the library in Pawling NY in February 2019. Some people drove an hour to attend, it was engaging and we learned from each other. That is what life is about.
Here is the comment I just got back from the library below

Dear Cicely,

Thank you so much.

Your presentation was great. We would love for you to return to us again for another program.

I wish you a good day.

Take care

Program Manager

Testimonial from the Institute for Holistic Health Studies at Western Connecticut State University,


7 February 2019

Dear Cicely

On behalf of the advisory board of the Institute for Holistic Health Studies at Western Connecticut State University, and as its Director, I want to thank you very much for participating in our Wellness Wednesday Workshop Series and presenting “How Your Thoughts Shape Your Words and Actions” yesterday afternoon.  I know the audience found your presentation and information most informative, thought provoking, relevant, and practical.

I look forward to working with you  again in  the near future  I also would like to invite you to participate in the  4th annual Health Fitness, and Wellness Fair  at WCSU to be held on Tuesday, April 2, 2019, from noon till three pm.    If you are interested in joining us I will be happy to send the details of this event.

I have seen some of your videos on You Tube and are fascinated by these interviews.  I teach a course in Holistic and Integrative Health and will recommend that my students view your interview about holistic care at the Hebrew Home. Give and Take with Cicely G- United Hebrew Nursing Home

Thank you again, Cicely.  I hope our paths cross again very soon


Christel Autuori, Director, IHHS


Keyonne Brooks

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“Miss Cicely possesses a genuine love for people and a drive to bring about change in a positive way. She has been such a blessing to me and my organization since we met. I admire her determination to be a light everywhere she goes. We could use more people like her in the world!”
Keyonne Brooks, President – Power of Positive Music Movement

Please click on this link to see the great work that he is doing with the Power of Positive Music Movement Power of Positive Music Movement

Please click on the link for an interview we did together  Give and Take -Virtues in Life

We will be working on a big event in Central Park, New York for 2020.

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Stay tuned…


Manpreet Harrideo

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“Cicely the owner of the business has helped me in my personal, educational and business background. I’ve been her client since April 2015. I would not be where I am today without her. She also got a talk show called give and take by cicelyg on YouTube. Here is the link to our interview Give and Take with Cicely G and Manpreet Harrideo . it’s very educational.”.